We’re Back to Business

After two weeks off, it was time to head back to university. It was great to hear that I was not the only one who had never heard of narrative conventions or knew the acronyms for paragraph structures during their practices. It gave me a little more confidence as a starting teacher.  Continue reading “We’re Back to Business”

Book Review

Review: Macbeth

Shakespearean literature is the worst nightmare of most secondary school students and I was one of them. Whenever a teacher or professor told me that we would analyse one of Shakespeare’s works, I already said I hated the text without even looking at it. My fear for Shakespearean text did not stop me from getting my English Language and Culture degree of which one of the compulsory units was called Shakespeare’s world. I thought then and there, I was done with Shakespeare, but once you start a Graduate Diploma in Education and major in English, Shakespeare is following everywhere.  Continue reading “Review: Macbeth”


Ready for Semester 2

Today is the last day of the holidays, and I cannot wait to get back to university. I have the weirdest roster ever. None of my classes start before 1 pm as I have signed up for online lectures. Normally, I would use the mornings to sleep in, but I have decided to just go to university whenever I wake up and do some studying there. Obviously, this is a plan. I will reflect on it in two weeks.  Continue reading “Ready for Semester 2”


Total Physical Response

“I can’t even speak English properly, why would I pass a lesson in Dutch?” is one of the things students say when I tell them I will do a lesson in my first language Dutch. During these lessons, I use the Total Physical Response (TPR) method. This method requires me to give simple commands in Dutch and demonstrate them. Within seconds, I will command students that do not speak a word Dutch to sit down, stand up, change place and turn around in circles. These lessons often result in laughter and students overall are engaged and amazed by their own capability of understanding these commands.  Continue reading “Total Physical Response”


A Void Called Holidays

After weeks of hard work, I was looking forward to the holidays. Sleeping in, revising my work, catching up with my friends, revising some more work, read a lot of books and just relax. I had plenty of ideas, but after three days of holidays, I am stuck in the void.  Continue reading “A Void Called Holidays”