Back to School

Back to school! When I was younger, it always reminded me of the school sales that started about two weeks after our summer holidays had started. That is not a real positive connotation; who wants to think about going back to school when you have finally taken a break from it?

This year I felt a bit different. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Culture in February 2016, I decided to come back to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. During last year, I did some sheep farming, au-pairing (live-in nanny), fruit picking and more sheep farming. These jobs had their ups and downs, but I really missed to do something, to use my brain and develop myself. When I finally received a Confirmation of Enrolment, I couldn’t wait until it really started.

We had a little warm-up to get back into the 8am-5pm rhythm during O-week, but this week it really started. The week mainly contained repetitions, introductions, and many new faces. Trust me, no matter how old you are, or how many times you have changed schools, that first week is always a bit daunting. You do not know anyone in these classes and I occasionally get lost. I choose the tables based on first impressions and already had to group up for a presentation with people I do not know.

So far, everyone is behaving as perfect students. We listen to the lecturers (most of the time), do not complain when they go overtime or keep going without breaks, or even ask us to group up with strangers. I guess it will take a while before my students will behave like that.

Yet, I cannot wait until my practicum starts. I do not know where I will go yet. Whatever material will be covered, it is most likely I am not familiar with. My students will not most likely not behave as my peers. All I can hope for is that I can make my students feel at ease and help them find their way through the new material. I do hope they will update me on that first though.

© Kirsten Bos, Miss Bos, 2017



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