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Review: Tom Clancy’s Net Force Explorers – Runaways

Whoever says Tom Clancy to me will be answered with Splinter Cell. However, before the video games were a big hit, Tom Clancy wrote many books about espionage, war and Net Force. The Net Force Explorers is a spin-off of the official series. I have to say I was lucky to pick up this book. I just wanted to read something different and thought that – based on my experiences with playing Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell – I was in for a good war story. I was quite surprised to find that the main character Megan was just a teenager. I had to adjust my expectations.

The book itself is a very easy read. I did put it away a couple of times due to other obligations but it took me less than two seconds to be sucked into it. The story contains flashbacks, which makes it a bit more challenging to follow the story. However, it is set in such a different environment it is hard to forget what happens.

The story evolves around Net Force Operator Megan O’Mally who is really worried about her runaway friend. Early onwards, it seems he is involved in some shady business. The story continues with online infiltration and espionage.

I would not recommend this book for a class discussion. The runaway suffers from the neglect and mental abuse of his parents, which may trigger some students. However, his character is very well developed. Through several perspectives, we learn more about his problems throughout the book. Also, the character of Megan O’Mally is well written. Therefore, students who like to read about espionage, virtual reality and such might like to read the book.

© Kirsten Bos, Miss Bos, 2017



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