Never Have I Ever…

Never have I ever longed for vacation as much as I did last week. For three weeks, I have been living from deadline to deadline. Sometimes, I thought I was there, but no… there were still those deadlines I already forgot about. 

Who thinks that holidays for teachers are truly holidays in which we can just sit down and do nothing will be laughed at. Holidays are the time of the year in which we take some time out to prevent burn-outs and start catching up and planning ahead.

Right after the break, I will have to endure 4 more weeks, which will have about 7 or 8 deadlines, of uni before we will be send off for our practicum. To which school, which exact subject or which classes, we will be practising with will remain a mystery until the end of the month. Luckily, we have already been presented with our preservice teacher

Luckily, we have already been presented with our preservice teacher badges and simulated classrooms. I have to say, dumbing yourself down to a year seven is really hard as a university student. Especially, because I have never been in an Australian classroom. UWA is very good in creating horror stories of over-sized classrooms filled with students from all sorts of different backgrounds and intelligence levels. However, when I speak to my fellow roommate, who is a phys-ed teacher, she calms me down and tells me it is not that bad.

I guess in the end only time can tell. For now, I am going to get some rest, work on future assignments, and review some material before the last month of my first semester commences.


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