Where am I going?

The biggest question when you are doing a study in education is where will my professional practicum be. At UWA, our professional practicum office always tries to place you somewhere close to where you live. So before the placements were made public I did some research on the secondary schools in my surroundings. I did come to the conclusion that it is either going to be the only one school very close to me, or I end up on the other side of Perth. 

Today was the day in which the placements were finally published. I have to say that the concentration in the tutorials today was significantly lower than in the weeks prior to our autumn breaks. Refresh after refresh, we ended up going home a bit disappointed.

The disappointment did not stay very long. By the time I got home the first placements were published. It did not contain my placement, but luckily if followed quickly afterwards.

Am I happy with my placement? I am not sure. It is indeed the school close to my house which has the advantage of shorter travel time (20k bike ride versus a 5k bike ride). The thing I am a bit concerned about is that the school is a private all-boy school. Considering my background in schooling, I have never set foot in a private school and definitely never been in a classroom with boys only. The challenges will definitely be to make my class interesting for my students whose interest probably differ from mine. However, it seems that throughout my life I have been more interested in fields that are male-dominated.

I know for sure that it could have been much worse – some of my fellow students are placed in schools that are known as challenging – but I will definitely have to conquer my own challenges. I am looking forward to it!


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