Practice What You Preach

Since the start of March, I have been taught several things. We looked into child development, learning styles, behaviour management, student engagement and many other more subject specific things. I can tell you the eight weeks of theory are over, from next week onwards it is time to practice what our lecturers, professors and tutors have been preaching.

It will not be the first time that I will be interning at a school. Back in 2014, when I was still young and not as determined, I interned at a school in Amsterdam in which I taught TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or as we call it, English. During my practicum, I made the classic errors.

My first class was a mixed of year seven. This means that these students were not streamed and all different intelligence levels were mixed together. I wanted them to like me. This went very well the first lesson, but after three classes they were done being nice. During the fourth lesson, it was time for an intervention. We wrote down the rules and we started again.

Compared to the school at which I will be interning now, the one in Amsterdam was a public school in a slightly below average socio-economic neighbourhood. These schools often have more trouble with student behaviour and require the teacher to act upon misbehaviours in an early status in order to prevent escalation. The school in Perth is a private school, thus, the socio-economic status is higher and according to the theory less misbehaviour.

From next week onwards, I will be experiencing if this theory is actually true. Since we do not start our practicum with five days a week, I will be observing during my 5 distributed days and not start the actual teaching until the last week of May. Therefore, I have some time to refresh my strategies to make sure my students do not start misbehaving once our honeymoon period with them is over.


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