Book Review

Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Remember how I am still trying to finish the Harry Potter-series, even though book 2 really put me of? I managed to get through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. As a kid, this was my favourite book. I cannot remember why anymore, but I am glad that this time it brought me back to loving the books again.

I think what I picked up on as a child was that this is by memory the only book in which Harry does not directly opposes Voldemort. Additionally, the timeline patterns which we find in the first two books is broken in the third book. There are still some similarities such as Harry has a dreadful summer at his aunt and uncle’s and something unexpected happens during this summer. The big difference in terms of time is that the fear of Sirius Black is throughout the whole year and for a change somethings happen during spring.

As for the whole book, I think it is the fear that changes the whole mood of the story. In this case, Harry is not trying to solve a problem that is not his to solve. Instead everyone thinks he will be the victim this year. Of course, a Harry Potter-fan knows that Sirius Black is not targeting Harry, but Ron’s rat instead.

Another reason why I may have liked this book better as a child is that it ends on a good note. Throughout the whole book, the story is lead by fear. Fear caused by the dementors and the escape of Sirius Black. At the end, the dementors will go back where they came from and instead of a battle with Voldemort, Harry gains a family member and actually has something to look forward to during the summer.

This hope does not last that long, but it definitely long enough to relight the Harry Potter-fan fire back in me. As a teacher, I can see myself using this book in Year 8 or 9. The characters and story is definitely evolving. J.K. Rowling’s style of writing is also becoming more refined in this book. She uses a lot of enjambment to vary between thought and dialogue, which is great to analyse in a classroom.


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