Day 27-29: It’s Over

That was it. My first practicum is officially over. I already feel like I do not know what to do with my time. I guess it will not take long before I start fully revising my work and improve the worksheet I made so I can use them again in the future. 

Compared to last week, the last couple of days were a bit, for the lack of a better word, boring. I did not have any lessons to prepare anymore, most classes had exams so there was not much to observe and I so the holiday mode turned on a couple days earlier. As I started to reflect on my practicum, I realised that I wished it would have been longer. I learned so much over the past few weeks, that I know I could gain so much more from it if I could stay a little longer. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. Instead, I will be back at the university in two weeks.

Besides the things, that I have stated before, one thing I want to advise every student going on practicum is to make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit. Your practicum will cause a lot of stress on its own without you worrying about malfunctioning clothes. I have experienced that students might laugh at you when you fall due to you slipping out of your shoes, but as the teacher on the floor, it is not exactly the action you want to be remembered for. I have to say that from the first day that I wore those shoes, I knew at one point I would fall. I actually thought I would fall off the stairs, instead, I fell out of the theatre, but who cares about the details. I did not wear those shoes after that day anymore.

My practicum ended with some drinks and the most asked question was what’s next? My next semester starts in two weeks. After four weeks, my second practicum will start – cannot wait (!!) – and that will be followed by another 2 week holiday. Of the remaining, six weeks of university, I will miss one halfway through, and after that, I have no idea where I will end up. Only time can tell.

Finally, I really want to thank every teacher, student, education assistant and other people I came across during my practicum. You have shown me what I need to do to become a great teacher, made my time enjoyable and made me want to work even harder.


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