A Void Called Holidays

After weeks of hard work, I was looking forward to the holidays. Sleeping in, revising my work, catching up with my friends, revising some more work, read a lot of books and just relax. I had plenty of ideas, but after three days of holidays, I am stuck in the void. 

I always work best with a little bit of pressure. I guess that is one of the reasons why I feel so extremely useless during holidays. I literally do not feel a reason why I should get up and do a little bit of work, I mean next semester is still two weeks away. Before you know it, it is just 10 days away and then a weekend in which you realise you have just been going down the rabbit hole on YouTube the past two weeks and not done anything you wanted to do.

In order to push myself to do something useful, I write these blogs. I imagine that I have many followers who are dying to wait for a new blog. I am very aware that this is not true, but if you were waiting for a new blog, this one is for you.

Did I completely waste my holidays so far? Not really, I may not have done as much as I wanted to, but I did catch up with a lot of friends. Additionally, I started to read both Macbeth and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I got some relaxation which cleared my mind. Also, I still have one week of holidays to redeem myself so my brain says there is still no harm done.

The last thing I want to mention is that I was contacted by the placement office earlier this week to discuss my next practicum. I will not say where it will be yet as it still is not confirmed, but if it all follows through, I can tell I will be a happy woman. The final last thing I want to leave you guys with is that I have passed all my units and the Numeracy and Literacy test so far and therefore am halfway through my course already!

Now, I really will do some work.


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