Ready for Semester 2

Today is the last day of the holidays, and I cannot wait to get back to university. I have the weirdest roster ever. None of my classes start before 1 pm as I have signed up for online lectures. Normally, I would use the mornings to sleep in, but I have decided to just go to university whenever I wake up and do some studying there. Obviously, this is a plan. I will reflect on it in two weeks. 

As I stated last week, I am simply horrible with holidays. I have no self-motivation whatsoever. Each day, I did try to do some work and actually did. This morning, I already read the first chapter for one of my classes that start next week – yep… I am that kind of student. Additionally, I finished reading Macbeth and I have created worksheets for one of the students I tutor. I still need to start on the other, but I still have more than enough time to work on that today.

When I was reading the chapter on Classroom Management, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I really wished I could go back to the front of the classroom and just experiment with it. Instead, I imagine myself in front of a perfect classroom “speed-dating” with the students to get to know them better as caring is one of the most important qualities as a teacher these days. The reality will be that in the next classroom, I will just have to follow the program and will not have the time to really get to know the students.

The reading also reminded of the tip “nobody hates a person that smiles”. I am quite aware of my resting bitch-face. I do pull this face when I am nervous or focused too. During my first practicum, I often found myself thinking “smile! Nobody hates a person that smiles”. I do feel that instead of a soft smile, it resulted in a very creepy, fake smile. I didn’t receive any comments on it so maybe that is only my imagination. Luckily, I did feel quite comfortable pretty soon in my practicum and let go of the nerves and often showed a real meant smile to my students.

The one consolation I have about the second semester is that it also is the last one and that after ten academic weeks, six weeks at my second practicum and two more weeks of holidays, I am (hopefully) qualified enough to be in charge of my own classroom instead of being a guest in others’.


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