We’re Back to Business

After two weeks off, it was time to head back to university. It was great to hear that I was not the only one who had never heard of narrative conventions or knew the acronyms for paragraph structures during their practices. It gave me a little more confidence as a starting teacher. 

Besides sharing our experience, it was also time to hit the books again and dive straight into the nitty gritty of teaching. The first week of university is always very general. All lecturers will describe the unit outline, I can tell you now that the last week of university is going to be a killer week with 3 assignments and a test due, and introduce the unit.

I feel that this week was far more useful than the weeks prior to my first practicum. I think that, now, everyone knows how to apply the knowledge in a classroom. Therefore, the lecturers seems to teach from a practical perspective instead of a theoretical perspective. Besides, I can exchange ideas with fellow students and we can discuss it too as everyone (apart from a couple mid-year entrees) has had classroom experience.

This semester will be flying by so fast. It is just another 9 weeks in-class before the Graduate Diploma year is over. These 9 weeks will be interupted with a 6-week practicum after week 4. That means that in three weeks, I will be heading off to my next practicum. I cannot wait, and it stresses me slightly knowing it is that close already!


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