Wrap it all up!

As the third week of the semester has now finished, my fellow students became more and more nervous. Today, our second practicum placements were announced. I have to admit that I was not sharing my fellow students’ feelings as I have known for weeks where my second practicum was going to be. 

Early in semester 1, we heard that for your second practicum, you could sign up for a regional practicum. As I do not have any family in Australia and definitely am not bound to Perth, I decided that I wanted the experience. Graduate teachers that work in remote areas are often paid extra and after paying international fees for my Graduate Diploma in Education, I felt that extra money would do no harm.

However, I found during my first practicum that it would be too challenging to remain in Australia all by myself. Yet, I was still signed up for a regional practicum so when the phone rang in the first week of the holidays, I was excited to hear that my second practicum would be most likely in Karratha. Karratha is about 1600km north of Perth.

There is going to be a huge difference compared to my first practicum. I will be teaching in a public school, opposed to private and I will have to deal with more diversity in gender, ethnicity and attitudes towards education. I am sure that it is yet again going to be challenging. I hope that my current expectations match better than the ones I had prior to my first practicum. The advantages are that I actually have a slight idea what the curriculum expects from students.

Before I can test that hypothesis, I first need to submit a couple of assignments, clean up my room and pack everything I think I need on practicum and living in the Pilbara (WA). Wish me luck!


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