Standard 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

New Year, New Challenges

With the new school year around the corner, it is time to get ready and I am excited. Not only have I graduated in the last year, but also obtained a job as a Graduate Teacher for English. A job which carries a lot of responsibilities and that sometimes scares the hell out of me.  Continue reading “New Year, New Challenges”

Book Review

Review: Cloudstreet

One of Western Australia’s most read authors is Tim Winton. Winton, born and raised in Western Australia, wrote Cloudstreet in the early 90s. The book has been significant for many years in Australian Literature and received multiple awards over the years. Cloudstreet is a book often read in Upper School. Therefore, I took it upon me to read the book. Also, because we were going to use it at university and basically did not have a choice.  Continue reading “Review: Cloudstreet”


Week 6: This is it!

The last week of practicum was over before I actually realised it and just like my first practicum, I am sad it is all over. During these six weeks, I feel I have learned so much about teaching, myself, lesson content etcetera. Right now, I feel I am ready to be in front of the classroom. Unfortunately, it will take at least another five months before that will happen most likely.  Continue reading “Week 6: This is it!”


Week 4 & 5: Almost there…

It feels like yesterday since I wrote my last blog. Back then, I was halfway through my practicum. Today, my last week has officially started. The time has flown by so quickly and without any internet access at home, my blogging has not been that up to date.  Continue reading “Week 4 & 5: Almost there…”


Week 3: Halfway Done!

It is strange to think that I have already spent three weeks at my second practicum school. Time really is flying by. The weekends have become more important to catch up on some sleep too. During the week, I often find myself pounding over my lesson plans and the sun creeping through the curtains at 5:45 is not helping me rest either. Continue reading “Week 3: Halfway Done!”