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Unexpected Learning

At the start of semester 2, the lecturers made it clear that you need to use your second semester to prepare your portfolio for your first job. As I am still not sure in which country I end up after my Graduate Diploma, I decided that instead of building up an Australian specific portfolio, I invest in my time in my LinkedIn Network (feel free to add me). I started following anyone who works in education that is recommended to me. Thanks to the cookies, LinkedIn now understands that I am interested in education. Therefore, I often find recommended classes on my timeline and this week I found a class on Visual Thinking Strategies.  Continue reading “Unexpected Learning”


Day 27-29: It’s Over

That was it. My first practicum is officially over. I already feel like I do not know what to do with my time. I guess it will not take long before I start fully revising my work and improve the worksheet I made so I can use them again in the future.  Continue reading “Day 27-29: It’s Over”


Day 25&26: Almost there

Practise makes perfect. After three tries of explaining essay structure, I am getting very close. I felt a bit sorry for the guinea pigs in the progress, but practicum is all about learning and now it is almost over. Continue reading “Day 25&26: Almost there”


Day 22-24: One more week to go

After the peak, it started to feel like I ended in that most familiar black hole. After working early mornings and late nights for multiple days in a row, I suddenly did not know what to do with my time. Instead of running, folding laundry and cleaning up, I started to revise my material.  Continue reading “Day 22-24: One more week to go”


Day 20&21: The Peak Is Over

As I did receive an email yesterday, stating that we are not allowed to share any information on the school or students of our practicum location, I have decided to delete all my previous blogs on my practicum. Now, just because I am not allowed to mention any students, does not mean I cannot reflect on my own learning.  Continue reading “Day 20&21: The Peak Is Over”