Book Review

Review: Cloudstreet

One of Western Australia’s most read authors is Tim Winton. Winton, born and raised in Western Australia, wrote Cloudstreet in the early 90s. The book has been significant for many years in Australian Literature and received multiple awards over the years. Cloudstreet is a book often read in Upper School. Therefore, I took it upon me to read the book. Also, because we were going to use it at university and basically did not have a choice.  Continue reading “Review: Cloudstreet”

Book Review

Review: Once

With each practicum so far, I always find myself behind before I have even started. Mostly, the novels and movies the school discusses are texts I have never heard of before. This practicum, I had to read Once by Morris Gleitzman for my year 8 class. Continue reading “Review: Once”

2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area

Narrative Conventions

In Australia, the English curriculum mainly evolves around conventions. I find it interesting to see that, even though the subject is called English, the language is not studied much. Instead, the students learn to analyse different types of text through a very structured manner. First, they analyse the generic conventions and then they will move onto specific type conventions such as visual conventions for feature films and narrative conventions for stories.  Continue reading “Narrative Conventions”

Book Review

Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I tried really hard to finish the whole Harry Potter-series before I relocated to Karratha for my second practicum. Unfortunately, I did not manage to finish the last book so that one has to wait until I come back. The pre-final Harry Potter book marked my memory as one of explanation. As for those who have not read the books are left with too many questions after watching just the movies. Continue reading “Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

Book Review

Review: Macbeth

Shakespearean literature is the worst nightmare of most secondary school students and I was one of them. Whenever a teacher or professor told me that we would analyse one of Shakespeare’s works, I already said I hated the text without even looking at it. My fear for Shakespearean text did not stop me from getting my English Language and Culture degree of which one of the compulsory units was called Shakespeare’s world. I thought then and there, I was done with Shakespeare, but once you start a Graduate Diploma in Education and major in English, Shakespeare is following everywhere.  Continue reading “Review: Macbeth”