Day 20&21: The Peak Is Over

As I did receive an email yesterday, stating that we are not allowed to share any information on the school or students of our practicum location, I have decided to delete all my previous blogs on my practicum. Now, just because I am not allowed to mention any students, does not mean I cannot reflect on my own learning.  Continue reading “Day 20&21: The Peak Is Over”


Practice What You Preach

Since the start of March, I have been taught several things. We looked into child development, learning styles, behaviour management, student engagement and many other more subject specific things. I can tell you the eight weeks of theory are over, from next week onwards it is time to practice what our lecturers, professors and tutors have been preaching.

Continue reading “Practice What You Preach”


Where am I going?

The biggest question when you are doing a study in education is where will my professional practicum be. At UWA, our professional practicum office always tries to place you somewhere close to where you live. So before the placements were made public I did some research on the secondary schools in my surroundings. I did come to the conclusion that it is either going to be the only one school very close to me, or I end up on the other side of Perth.  Continue reading “Where am I going?”