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Unexpected Learning

At the start of semester 2, the lecturers made it clear that you need to use your second semester to prepare your portfolio for your first job. As I am still not sure in which country I end up after my Graduate Diploma, I decided that instead of building up an Australian specific portfolio, I invest in my time in my LinkedIn Network (feel free to add me). I started following anyone who works in education that is recommended to me. Thanks to the cookies, LinkedIn now understands that I am interested in education. Therefore, I often find recommended classes on my timeline and this week I found a class on Visual Thinking Strategies.  Continue reading “Unexpected Learning”


Engaging in the Classroom

It is Monday morning. The teacher has been talking for over ten minutes in his monotonous voice. The subject is boring, who likes to discuss Shakespeare for more than two classes, let alone two whole units. I opened my thick Norton Anthology, put my head on the book and started snoozing.  Continue reading “Engaging in the Classroom”