Day 3&4: Relief

As a student, I was always very eager and that does not change when I am observing. I feel my fingers itch and think about all the things that I want to when I get in front of the classroom. It is always good to see how other are teaching as you can copy or adjust it for your own lessons, but the best lessons are learned when you are teaching yourself.  Continue reading “Day 3&4: Relief”


Day 1&2: Observations has started

When your first practicum school has been a private school and you follow it with a regional practicum, people tell you to expect the worst. I mean like flying chairs, harsh language and students that are reluctant to do whatever you say. So far, I have not experienced any of it. On the contrary, I feel much more relaxed than during my first practicum.  Continue reading “Day 1&2: Observations has started”


Wrap it all up!

As the third week of the semester has now finished, my fellow students became more and more nervous. Today, our second practicum placements were announced. I have to admit that I was not sharing my fellow students’ feelings as I have known for weeks where my second practicum was going to be.  Continue reading “Wrap it all up!”

General, Reflection, Research

Unexpected Learning

At the start of semester 2, the lecturers made it clear that you need to use your second semester to prepare your portfolio for your first job. As I am still not sure in which country I end up after my Graduate Diploma, I decided that instead of building up an Australian specific portfolio, I invest in my time in my LinkedIn Network (feel free to add me). I started following anyone who works in education that is recommended to me. Thanks to the cookies, LinkedIn now understands that I am interested in education. Therefore, I often find recommended classes on my timeline and this week I found a class on Visual Thinking Strategies.  Continue reading “Unexpected Learning”

Lesson Material, Literary Terms

Generic Conventions

From the start of my Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Western Australia, I knew that I had a lot of content to catch up on. Teaching English as a first language is completely different to teaching English as a second language as the focus in First Language Acquisition (FLA) is less on form and more on literature than in Second Language Acquisition (SLA). I asked around for books that I should read, and studied my literary terms.  Continue reading “Generic Conventions”