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To Teach, or Not To Teach Grammar?

For a long time, grammar was not taught in secondary schools in Australia. It was believed that grammar instruction was unnecessary as students would acquire the grammar rules automatically. According to the Australian Curriculum, teachers should now teach several rules during secondary school. However, these teachers often never had a grammar lesson in their lives. Therefore, grammar lessons are still not often done in Australian secondary schools.  Continue reading “To Teach, or Not To Teach Grammar?”


Day 25&26: Almost there

Practise makes perfect. After three tries of explaining essay structure, I am getting very close. I felt a bit sorry for the guinea pigs in the progress, but practicum is all about learning and now it is almost over. Continue reading “Day 25&26: Almost there”


Day 22-24: One more week to go

After the peak, it started to feel like I ended in that most familiar black hole. After working early mornings and late nights for multiple days in a row, I suddenly did not know what to do with my time. Instead of running, folding laundry and cleaning up, I started to revise my material.  Continue reading “Day 22-24: One more week to go”